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Initium Collection

Individual style and personal class have nothing to do with coincidence. On the contrary, they are the result of good decisions and right perspectives. The choice is yours when it comes to the aesthetic expression of your character. Meet the stylists of German writing culture. Discover the many facets of the STAEDTLER Initium collection. Choose between brilliant high-grade resin, precious wood or finest leather.

The high-quality writing instruments of the Initium collection are available in the following versions:

Initium fountain pens
STAEDTLER Initium ballpoint pen
STAEDTLER Initium mechanical pencil
STAEDTLER Initium rollerball

J.S. Staedtler Collection

The impressive, unique J.S. Staedtler collection provides hand and paper with superior instruments for a superb writing performance. Finest craftsmanship for personalities wanting to make an impression on life.
At the same time, the collection's exquisite product lines not only pay tribute to the pioneering spirit of the company's founder but also display perfection and exclusivity right down to the smallest of details.

The exquisite writing instruments of the J.S. Staedtler collection are available in the following versions:

J.S. Staedtler fountain pens
J.S. Staedtler ballpoint pens
J.S. Staedtler mechanical pens
J.S. Staedtler rollerballs