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The STAEDTLER Secondary School Art Competition is back!
We are calling out to all Secondary School students across Australia and inviting them to GET CREATIVE by entering in the competition.

We are so excited to see your creations this year! 
Entries open on the 26TH June



Encourage your students to get creative and design, draw, scribble, paint or sketch a piece of artwork that they’re proud of.


Once their artwork is ready, students simply need to take a photo and upload it to the STAEDTLER Facebook page, via the competition tab. 


Work together as a school community to vote on your favourite student creations via the Staedtler Facebook page! Students with the most votes will have a chance to WIN one of three major prizes.

4. WIN

There is over $1,000 in prize money up for grabs for students and a STAEDTLER School Prize Pack worth over $1,000RRP for the school with the most artwork submissions, so don’t miss out! 


Who can enter? 
All Secondary school students (Year 7 – Year 12) are invited to enter.

Is there an entry fee? 
Of course not! We love anything creative, so it is free to enter.

When can I submit my entry? 
The STAEDTLER Art Competition is open for entries from June 26th – August 4th. To be in the running to win, please make sure you submit your entry on or before August 4th, 11:59pm AEST.

What information do I have to share to enter? 
To enter the competition, we will require the following details –
➤ Email Address (so that we can alert the winner!) 
➤ First Name / Last Name 
➤ School Name 
➤ Year Group (Year 7 – 12) 

What are the entry categories? 
There are two categories –
➤ Junior: Year 7-9 
➤ Senior: Year 10-12 

We will automatically sort your artwork into one of the above categories based on the year group you enter upon submission.

What should my entry look like? 
ANYTHING! That’s the magic of this competition. Draw, scribble, sketch, paint – all we ask is that you create.

Does my creation have to be completed using STAEDTLER product? 
STAEDTLER products are versatile, so they can be used for almost any creative artwork; however, it doesn’t have to be done with just STAEDTLER products. We are excited to see your creativity, in any form, so use whatever you like.

Can I enter multiple times? 
No. There is a limit of one entry per person.

What are the sizes/formats for my upload? 
Facebook accepts images up to 100MB in size, preferably in a JPG format.

Will I be notified when my submission is received? 
Once you submit your entry you will be taken to a ‘Thank You’ page to indicate a successful entry.

Where is the gallery of artwork? 
How can I view it? 
The gallery of submissions will be visible on the STAEDTLER competition page, once voting opens on the 5th August.

Can I email my entry direct to STAEDTLER?
No. Please submit your entry via the STAEDTLER Facebook page. The Competition tab is located on the left-hand side, called ‘Staedtler Art Competition’.

I am having trouble uploading my artwork, what do I do?
Please ensure that your image is 100MB or under and is in JPG format. If you are still having trouble, please contact the team at Marketing.AU(at)staedtler.com and a team member will assist you.


When does voting open? 
Voting will open on the 5th August and will close on the 15th August at 11:59pm AEST.

Who can vote on my creation?
ANYONE! Don’t forget to spread the word once voting opens. Share the competition and your artwork to your Facebook community and encourage your friends and family to vote on your creation. The more votes you receive, the higher your chance of winning!

How do my friends and family vote? 
It is easy to vote! They just need to login to their Facebook account, find the STAEDTLER Art Competition.

Can my friends and family vote on my artwork more than once? 
No. It is a maximum of one vote per person, per artwork.

Can my friends and family vote on multiple artworks? 
Yes. They can vote on as many artworks are they like; however, it is restricted to one vote per artwork.

How is the judging conducted? 
Once the voting is closed, members from the STAEDTLER team will tally up all the votes and announce the winners from each category.

What are the Student prizes?

What are the Student prizes? 
There are 6 prizes available, three in each category –

Junior (Year 7 – 9): 
First - $1,000 VISA Gift Card 
Second - $500 VISA Gift Card 
Third - $250 VISA Gift Card 

STAEDTLER Choice Prize: $1,000 VISA Gift Card 

Senior (Year 10 – 12): 
First - $1,000 VISA Gift Card
Second - $500 VISA Gift Card
Third - $250 VISA Gift Card 

What are the School prizes? 
There is 1 x School Prize Pack up for grabs, worth over $1,000RRP. The pack is filled with STAEDTLER stationery products and awarded to the school with the most student entries.


When and how are the winners announced? 
Winners will be announced on the 16th August. Winners will be contacted via email and announced on the STAEDTLER Facebook page.

If I win, how will you send out the prizes? 
If you are a lucky winner, we will contact you via email and request the best mailing address for us to send your VISA Gift Card to. The prize will be tracked and we will share the tracking number with you so that you can keep an eye on its arrival.


How is the School Prize Pack judged? 
It is based on student entries, the more students you encourage to enter, the higher your chances of winning! Students are asked to enter their School name upon submission of their artwork. Once the entry period is closed, a member of the STAEDTLER team will tally up all the entries and assigned schools and identify the School with the MOST entries. This will be the winning school.

If I win, how will you send out the prizes? 
If you are a lucky winner, we will contact you via email and request the best mailing address for us to send your VISA Gift Card to. The prize will be tracked and we will share the tracking number with you so that you can keep an eye on its arrival.