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The magic of adult colouring

The global trend of colouring for adults has taken millions by storm – with Johanna Basford and her amazing colouring books spearheading the creative revolution. Now STAEDTLER and Johanna Basford would like to take you to new creative heights together – Johanna recommends STAEDTLER products. Her magical books invite everyone looking for a tangible way to enjoy creativity into her world of wonder and nature themed colouring adventures. Her latest book Lost Ocean dives deep into underwater worlds beyond your imagination. 





Johanna Basford recommends STAEDTLER products – your ideal tool for her newest colouring book “Lost Ocean”. Find the perfect pen and colouring pencil for your very own #myCreativeEscape.

pigment liner

Johanna Basfords all-time favorite pen from the STAEDTLER product range since her early college days! Ideal for writing, sketching and drawing with its indelible deep black pigment ink.

STAEDTLER pigment liner: Fineliner for writing, sketching and drawing

triplus® fineliner

The triplus fineliner comes in 36 brilliant colours, giving you endless ways to express your imagination. Let your inspiration dive deep – this fineliner is perfect for the most detailed drawings and sharpest corners.

triplus fineliner colours
triplus fineliner colours
STAEDTLER triplusⓇ fineliner: Fineliner with superfine, metal-clad tip

triplus® color

triplus fibre-tip pen that comes with water based dry-safe ink in 26 brilliant colour hues. Its triangular barrel and cap allows for colouring and filling larger areas without fatigue.

triplus color colours
triplus color colours
STAEDTLER triplusⓇ color: Fibre-tip pen in ergonomic triangular shape


Johanna Basford's favourite: The particularly soft, colour-intensive lead enables you to use the 24 brilliant colours to achieve anything from pastel to vibrant results – depending on how hard you press on. What's more, they can be blended with one another leaving you free to create an almost unlimited range of different hues. The triangular shape and non-slip surface ensure a perfect grip.

ergosoft colours
STAEDTLER ergosoft: Coloured pencil in ergonomic triangular shape

Noris® colour

Our most innovative coloured pencil: Its extremely break-resistant lead glides smoothly across paper. In addition to this, its slightly heavier weight and soft surface make it particularly comfortable to hold while colouring. The 24-colour Johanna Basford set ensures you're perfectly equipped for creative moments.

Noris colour colours
Noris colour: coloured pencil made from the innovative WOPEX material

Noris Club®

Our coloured pencil classic: Always a good choice. Not only does its easy-to-sharpen lead allow you to colour in even the finest of details, it is also extremely resistant to breakage thanks to its white A·B·S protective coating.

Noris Club colours
Noris Club: Coloured pencil in classic hexagonal shape

Johannas World

Take an exclusive look into Johanna Basford’s studio where she created her magical colouring books Enchanted Forest, Secret Garden and Lost Ocean. Click on the spots to find out more!


Johanna started her professional career as a textile designer, her chair is a souvenir from that time.


Johanna stores all her originals from her popular books Enchanted Forest, Secret Garden and now Lost Ocean in these magical drawers. There’s a bit of star dust in the air.


Johanna refers to designing and drawing by hand as digital detox, but there is a time when her drawings need to be digitized and turned into amazing works of paper and ink.


What would life be without music? Every morning before Johanna starts her day she turns on the radio, enjoys a hot cup of coffee and listens to some tunes.

Cuckoo clocks

Those recently completed artworks just came back from an exhibition and we are lucky to see those exclusive works of art. If you look thoroughly, you’ll find cuckoo clocks in many of Johanna’s books – she just loves them. Little secret: The frames have old oil paintings on the back, which Johanna got from local flea markets.


You may be familiar with Johannas colouring books, but you’d be surprised what other great items you would find in her studio! Who wouldn’t like to have their walls covered in those wallpapers.

Inspiration Wall

What would a design studio be without a visual mood wall? Johanna keeps her favorite designs close to her desk. If you look closely you can find some rare gems…


Johanna designed a couple of porcelain and ceramic items in her career and still keeps many of them around the house and in the kitchen for tea and coffee. For special guests of the house only;-)

colouring sheet

If you want to get started right now, we have a special treat for you: Download designs by Johanna Basford right here and see what the magic of adult colouring is all about. And when you’re done – please share your artwork with us under the hashtag #myCreativeEscape.

Download PDF


We want to see your artwork! Tag your craziest, most colorful, most creative or simply your favourite design with #myCreativeEscape and we will feature you right here in our gallery. But that’s not all, if you are looking for creative input, a spark of inspiration or just want to browse through other creative work – you have come to the right spot!