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What is World Kids Colouring Day?

World Kids Colouring Day

Which child wouldn't jump at the chance to set off on an adventure into the wonderful world of animals? World Kids Colouring Day is the perfect opportunity to do just that! For many years, children have been creating colourful pictures on a host of different themes on this global day of action to help children in need. Just by colouring in you are able to help children who are less fortunate in Australia!

This year’s theme is “Funny Animals”.

There are no limits to what you can create using this theme. Perhaps you could think about your answer to some of the following questions to get a great idea for your artwork. What is your favourite animal? Which animals would you like to get better acquainted with or maybe even have as friends? Who would you rather go on an adventure with: your favourite animal or a fantasy creature? Does your animal prefer to live on land, in water or in the air?

World Kids Colouring Day 2015

On World Kids Colouring Day 2016 children can put all their ideas about the animal kingdom onto paper and use their own creativity to help raise money for the great work of Save the Children Australia. Just through colouring you can help children across Australia who are less fortunate. Every dollar donated will be matched by STAEDTLER Australia.

There are also heaps of great prizes up for grabs for the winning entries! The winning school/group entry will win a $1000 cash grant as well as a $500 STAEDTLER prize pack. The best individual entry will win their own $200 STAEDTLER prize pack. There is also a $200 STAEDTLER prize pack for the donation champion, so be creative in your fundraising efforts!  

Have a look at the winning group entry for 2015 - Ashbury Public School in NSW whose kindergarten classes created an amazing array of pictures depicting their colourful dreams!

The first step in taking part in World Kids Colouring Day 2016 is to register before April 27th 2016.  

You can register as part of your school or classroom or on your own! Every group and individual who register will receive a supporters pack in the mail which is filled with information and materials to help you take part. Then you have until May 31st 2016 to complete your artwork and send it to us.

World Kids Colouring Day

Send your completed artwork to us by May 31st 2016 by scanning and emailing it to:


Or mail it to us at:

STAEDTLER (Pacific) Pty Ltd
World Kids Colouring Day
Level 3 18 Aquatic Drive
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086.  

Come with us on an adventure through the animal kingdom, drawing and colouring your favourite Funny Animals! We cannot wait to see the entries!

Encourage creativity

Drawing, learning, having fun

No other activity allows children to be as creative as drawing and colouring. Children become immersed in their own colourful imaginary worlds and translate them onto paper. They have fun, enjoy doing it and it also supports their development.  

This ties in well with the theme for this year's World Kids Colouring Day: Under the motto 'Funny Animals', children are invited to embark on a journey through the animal world. Whether their pictures tell of an exciting trip on land, by sea or through the air, a journey undertaken together with friends, parents or grandparents with the starring roles in their works of art played by fish, birds or lions – creativity knows no bounds! Who knows, an entire artwork could be created from Funny Animals thought up in a child's imagination!

What influence does colouring have on a child's development?

We spoke to Child Psychologist  Dr Miriam Bachmann MD:

“Colouring supports fine and gross motor skills, which are important for later acquiring reading and writing skills,” explains the Child and Adolescent Psychologist Dr Miriam Bachmann MD. 

On World Kids Colouring Day, everything revolves around creativity and children also become aware of social involvement in a playful way.

Dr Bachmann recommends that using paper, pencils and colours should be an integral part of any child's world:

“Colouring should be a natural and ongoing part of a child's life.” 

According to the expert, it is important to give children enough freedom to choose their colours, shapes and materials on their own.

Event ideas

On World Kids Colouring Day, creativity knows no bounds: Whether individual pictures, colourfully drawn illustrated stories, picture galleries or exhibitions of children's art - everything is allowed. The past eight years have shown that there is an infinite range of ideas to be found on World Kids Colouring Day. 

In 2015 alone, many children worldwide had great fun creating imaginative and wonderful pictures at various school events. There are no limits to your imagination. An exciting auction is just as much fun as a colouring party with a raffle. Here you will find a few ideas on how to raise money this World Kids Colouring Day:

Weltkindermaltag - Ideenbörse
  • Art Exhibition

Children’s pictures are genuine works of art that are coloured with incomparable creativity.

Why not host a real exhibition with their most beautiful works and ask a nearby gallery if they might allow you to use some of their space on 6 May.Then invite all parents and relatives to view and, of course, buy the children’s pictures on exhibit. An event that is sure not to be forgotten for a long time to come by young or old.

  • Child & parent night 

Children love it when their parents colour with them. Organise a small colouring night at your school or facility where parents colour pictures with their children. Not only is this fun for both, but results in really great pictures that can be purchased by the teaching staff and/or parents. 

You have even more ideas? Super! There are no limits on how you participate in World Kids Colouring Day. Perhaps you would like to share your ideas with us and we can include them here on our website.

You have even more ideas? Super!
Write us and we’ll include your suggestion for the World Kids Colouring Day here on our website.


Looking back at actions in the year 2015

World Kids Colouring Day 2015

Last year, working with the topic "Colourful Dreams," many children worldwide took part in World Kids Colouring Day.
On May 6, from countries as far apart as Malaysia, South Africa and Europe, children enjoyed the great colouring party and at the same time campaigned for other children who are in need. Because these young artists were so committed, donations were collected worldwide that were used to support numerous aid projects. 

Classroom materials for download

Teaching materials
Teaching materials

Discovering the oceans on the back of a dolphin, soaring over hills and valleys with a bird or simply taking the dog out for a walk: These are just three examples of the many, magnificent things children would love to experience with animals. Every child has their own favourite animal and dreams of playing and going on adventures with them. Putting their ideas to paper and recounting their adventures is both a fascinating and educational experience for children. This year's World Kids Colouring Day 'Funny Animals' theme enables you to explore the animal kingdom together.

The free-of-charge teaching materials provide you with all the information you need on the 'Funny Animals' topic – there are numerous reading and writing exercises, colouring and crafting ideas, maths assignments and drawing projects. Equipped with this material, you and your group can set off on an awesome adventure into the world of animals.   

World Kids Colouring Day Activity book
Activity book

Materials for download:

- Poster
- Entry template
- Activity Book
- Teaching Materials

Cooperation Partners

Save the Children - For our children's future

World Kids Colouring Day and Save the Children
© Save the Children Australia

Everyone who participates in World Kids Colouring Day is encouraged to make a donation to Save the Children Australia. Every dollar you donate is matched by STAEDTLER Australia so every donation counts towards helping children in Australia who are less fortunate. 

Save the Children is one of Australia's largest child-focused aid and development agencies. We work hard to protect children from harm and help them access education and health services. We have programs in 29 countries and have been running programs in Australia for more than 60 years, operating in every state and territory.

World Kids Colouring Day
© Save the Children Australia

Save the Children is improving the lives of the hardest to reach and most marginalised children in Australia. Many young people we work with experience issues with mental health, domestic violence, anger management, substance abuse, poor nutrition, bullying and social isolation.

  • 1 in 5 children in Australia live below the poverty line,
  • 1 in 4 young Australians has a mental health condition,
  • Suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians [claiming more young lives than car accidents],
  • 143,023 Australian children received child protection services [2013-14],
  • Indigenous children are more than twice as likely to be developmentally vulnerable than non-indigenous children [Australian Early Development Index]
World Kids Colouring Day and Save the Children

We provide transformational programs in education and child protection and focus where children are most vulnerable to poverty and social exclusion. We focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families and children from refugee, migrant and asylum seeker backgrounds.

In 2014, we delivered programs in more than 150 sites around Australia, reaching more than 34,000 children and their families to create positive, long-term change.

For more information on the great work of Save The Children Australia, head over to their website https://www.savethechildren.org.au/.


World Kids Colouring Day

Do you have any questions or require more information about World Kids Colouring Day? Would you like to share an exciting idea for an activity with us or register as a participant? Then please get in touch.

Simply write to us at contact(at)world-kids-colouring-day.com.au or fill in the form below. We’ll be happy to answer your request.

Contact us!


World Kids Colouring Day

By reporting about the World Kids Colouring Day the press can greatly contribute to increasing awareness, and thus the success, of the donation campaign.

Here you can find press information and visual material for the 2015 World Kids Colouring Day.

Press contact:

Megan Drummond
Drummond Communications Pty Ltd
T: 02 66 844 854
M: 0410 421 404
E: megan(at)drummondcomms.com.au


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