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What is World Kids Colouring Day?

Have you always wanted to go on a voyage of discovery around the world with your friends? Then World Kids Colouring Day is just the right thing for you! Over the years, this global day of action has seen kids make colourful pictures on various topics, for children in need.

This year the theme is 'Picture Stories – colourful trip around the world'.

We want to know from you: What do you imagine other countries are like? What exciting things can be discovered there? And how do the people live there? 

World Kids Colouring Day - Picture stories

On World Kids Colouring Day on 6 May 2014, children can put all of their personal impression and ideas of foreign lands to paper, win great prizes and help vulnerable children together with a picture sponsor.

There are some great prizes to be won for both individuals and for groups. The artist with the most fascinating self-drawn picture on a trip around the world, as well as the group with the most creative drawing, will be awarded with some amazing prizes!

As the grand prize, the lucky winners of the group prize will receive a AUD $1,000 cash grant along with a AUD $500 STAEDTLER prize pack. The individual winner will receive a AUD $200 STAEDTLER prize pack.

World Kids Colouring Day
Northside Christian College

Have a look at our lucky winning group last year, Northside Christian College!

There are many ways to draw a picture for World Kids Colouring Day: If you don’t want to draw on your own at home, you can, for example, meet up with your best friends for drawing on 6th May, World Kids Colouring Day. Or ask your teacher whether your class can do a joint drawing even on that day. 

Teachers will be able to download additional teaching material with educationally valuable information on the subject of a “colourful trip around the world” and ready-made worksheets for their students from STAEDTLER.

World Kids Colouring Day - Picture stories

Children who participate in World Kids Colouring day can not only draw for a good cause, but they can ask their mum, dad or grandparents if one of them wants to be their picture’s sponsor! Support them by becoming a sponsor for a World Kids Colouring Day picture, with all donations going to Save the Children Australia. You can find further information on how to help here.

In addition, all picture sponsors can submit the work of their child or group in our contest: 

Entry deadline:
Please submit your pictures by 2nd June 2014 to:

Mail to:
STAEDTLER (Pacific) Pty. Ltd
World Kids Colouring Day
Level 3, 18 Aquatic Drive
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

What kind of picture story you want to tell about exploring the world is up to you. This can be a picture of places you have visited already. Or a picture story about exotic places you would like to see. Perhaps you have an idea what the Great Wall of China is like? Then submit it!

We look forward to your picture and the story it tells. 

And remember! With your picture, you not only show us your great ideas, you help other kids, too! Find out how.

Encourage creativity

Drawing, learning, having fun

There is hardly any other activity like colouring where children can be as creative. It also promotes development and opens up their eyes to foreign cultures. They can put their ideas onto paper and express themselves, process experiences and impressions that they have gathered and tell stories.

Packing their suitcase for a holiday, exotic food or their idea of how children live in foreign countries: there are no limits to children's creativity and imagination when colouring in the topic "A Trip Around the World".

What influence does colouring have on a child's development?

An interview with child psychologist Dr. Miriam Bachmann:

Dr. Miriam Bachmann, a specialist in child and adolescent psychology, confirms that "colouring promotes fine and gross motor skills which are of importance later on when learning how to read and write". World Kids Colouring Day is all about creativity.

And, at the same time, children are made aware of the importance of social commitment in a playful manner.

Dr. Bachmann stresses how important it is that children regularly use paper, pens and paints: "Colouring should play a natural, lasting role in the lives of children." The expert adds that it is also essential that children are given the freedom to choose colours, shapes and materials themselves.

Event ideas

On World Kids Colouring Day, creativity knows no bounds: Whether individual pictures, colourfully drawn illustrated stories, picture galleries or exhibitions of children's art - everything is allowed.The last six years have shown that there is an infinite range of ideas to be found on World Kids Colouring Day.

In 2013 alone, more than one million children worldwide had great fun creating imaginative and wonderful pictures at various school events. There are no limits to your imagination. An exciting auction is just as much fun as a colouring party with a tombola or raffle. Here you will find the first exciting ideas:

Weltkindermaltag - Ideenbörse
  • Kindergarten art exhibition

Children’s pictures are genuine works of art that are coloured with incomparable creativity.
Why not host a real exhibition with their most beautiful works and ask a nearby gallery if they might allow you to use some of their space on 6 May. 

Then invite all parents and relatives to view and, of course, buy the children’s pictures on exhibit. An event that is sure not to be forgotten for a long time to come by young or old.

  • Child & parent night 

Children love it when their parents colour with them.
Organise a small colouring night at your school or facility where parents colour pictures with their children.
Not only is this fun for both, but results in really great pictures that can be purchased by the teaching staff and/or parents.

You have even more ideas? Super!
Write us and we’ll include your suggestion for the World Kids Colouring Day here on our website.


Looking back at actions in the year 2013

World Kids Colouring Day

Last year, working with the topic "picture stories on taking care of the environment", more than a million children worldwide took part in World Kids Colouring Day.

On May 6, from countries as far apart as Malaysia, South Africa and Europe, children enjoyed the great colouring party and at the same time campaigned for other children who are in need. Because these young artists were so committed, donations were collected worldwide that were used to support numerous aid projects.

Have a look at some of the amazing creations that entered last year!

Educational materials and downloads

Foreign cultures, foreign languages: Discovering the world is fascinating and educational for children. You can discover the world in a playful way with your group with the World Kids Colouring Day's theme: "A Trip Around the World".

Children get to know the capital cities of foreign countries, gain insight into the geography and language and learn by having fun. 

In the free World Kids Colouring Day magazine, you can find supporting material on the topic "A Trip Around the World". An international children's song, the different flags, games and exotic animals to colour in: you can go on a trip around the world with your group using these materials:

We also have a great colouring template and a world map available to get you thinking of all the exciting and new places you could venture to!


World Kids Colouring Day teaching materials

Teachers can download additional teaching material with useful educational information and worksheets on the topic of "A Trip Around the World":

You can also download a World Kids Colouring Day poster to help spread the word around your school or organisation!

Register here to receive your free supporter pack. For schools & organisations we also offer a free support pack including a World Kids Colouring Day magazines as well as teaching materials such as templates, additional information for teachers and free STAEDTLER coloured pencils. Your supporter pack will contain everything to help make World Kids Colouring Day a success.


Save the Children - For our children's future

World Kids Colouring Day and Save the Children
© Save the Children Australia

Save the Children is Australia's leading independent emergency relief and development organisation for children. We save and protect children's lives. We strive to give every child a safe and happy childhood. Globally, Save the Children works in 119 countries. In Australia, we work in every state and territory with programs in more than 90 locations.

With the collected donations from the World Kids Colouring Day, STAEDTLER will support Save the Children's Australian programs. Together we will continue to save and protect children's lives and strive to give every child a safe and happy childhood.

World Kids Colouring Day
© Save the Children Australia

Some key statistics about Australia:

  • It is estimated that 40,000 Australian children living in poverty and remote communities miss out on early childhood education each year
  • Save the Children currently reaches approximately 50,000 children here in Australia
  • More than 50% of Save the Children's Australian programs focus on improving the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.
  • 47% of indigenous children in Australia are developmentally vulnerable on the Australian Early Development Index Scale compared with 22% of non-indigenous children
  • Only 40% of 4 year olds in Queensland are getting kinder or long day care education
  • Mobile Playchemes (supported playgroups for children and their parents in a community setting) reached 6,600 children in over 100 sites across Australia in 2011.
  • Through Youth Engagement programs in WA, NSW and Tasmania Save the Children provide vulnerable young Australians with skills and opportunities to fully participate in community life. In 2011 Youth Engagement programs worked with over 1,000 young people.
World Kids Colouring Day and Save the Children

Save the Children is addressing these issues. Established in Australia in 1919, they have been running programs for Australian children since the 1950's.

The organisation's education, health and wellbeing, and protection programs aim to brighten the outook for many Australian children.

Save the Children

STAEDTLER is uniting globally to support Save the Children through this special promotional day.

In this colouring campaign, children in Australia and around the world are invited to get creative and raise money for their beautiful works, to help other children in need.

For more information about Save the Children go to:
or find out more about their Australian programs by reading their brochure. (.pdf, 0.4 MB)


Officeworks Australia

Visit your local Officeworks store for special Ollie Kids Club activities and in-store colouring competitions throughout April until World Kids Colouring Day on Tuesday 6 May.

There are great STAEDTLER prize packs to be won, including a $300 prize pack and ten runner up prize packs each worth $50. So drop into your local Officeworks store and get colouring!

While you’re there, pick up a free World Kids Colouring Day activity booklet, jam packed with lots of awesome picture story ideas, drawing tips, and information on World Kids Colouring Day. 

Officeworks World Kids Colouring Day Magazine 2014

Be sure to return the completed page to your local Officeworks store by Tuesday 6 May for your chance to win!

Officeworks World Kids Colouring Day Ollie Kids’ Club

Ollie Kids’ Club is the coolest club in town!
If you're aged between 3 and 10 years old, then sign up to the Club, Ollie will help you get excited about your education and show you how to make creative masterpieces using all the fantastic goodies at Officeworks.. 

It’s all about having fun! Find out more about Ollie Kids Club here.


World Kids Colouring Day

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Simply write to us at contact(at)world-kids-colouring-day.com.au or fill in the form below. We’ll be happy to answer your request.

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World Kids Colouring Day

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Here you can find press information and visual material for the 2014 World Kids Colouring Day.

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